Our instructors have many years experience in both the RPAS industry as well as manned Commercial Aviation.

Justin Quesnel

PROFESSIONAL RPAS Pilot / Instructor/ Flight Reviewer

Justin Quesnel is the founder and Technical Operations Manager of Voxelmetriqs Inc.

Justin has a B.A in Geography from Sir Wilfrid Laurier and a GIS & Cartographic Specialist certificate from Sir Sanford Fleming.

Voxelmetriqs Inc. provides inspection, 3D modeling, and aerial mapping services to clients in the renewables, telecom, aggregates, mining, and PNG sectors.

Justin holds the Advanced RPAS Pilot certification as well as a RPAS Flight Reviewer Rating with Transport Canada.

With a background in cartography and geomatics, Justin specializes in the provision of geospatial data products. 

Michael Campbell, P. Eng.

RPAS Industry Specialist/ Instructor/ Flight Reviewer Michael Campbell, P. Eng.

Mike Campbell is the owner and chief photographer/videographer/RPAS Pilot at ckmmphotographic.

Mike has a certificate in Digital Photography from George Brown College and has many years of experience in Digital and Analog Photography.

Mike and his team provide terrestrial and aerial digital videography and photography for his commercial and corporate clients, as well as RPAS Consulting and Training services.

Mike holds the Advanced RPAS Pilot Certificate as well as a RPAS Flight Reviewer Rating with Transport Canada.
With a background in Electrical Engineering, Mike is the holder of a P. Eng. License with Professional Engineers Ontario.

Richard Hubley (USAF Retired)

Manager RPAS Programs and Operations Brampton Flight Center/ USAF Retired

RPAS Instructor Brampton Flight centre since 2016

Transport Canada Advanced Certificate (sRPAS)

Richard conceived and executed the sRPAS program at The Brampton Flight Centre in 2016. He is responsible for all aspects of the various programmes offered and Chief developer for past and future programs. Richard has extensive experience in the RPAS Industry working both in the Industrial and Film industry aspects of RPAS. Richard has many years of experience in film and video production and editing.

Richard holds BSc and  Ph. D. in Astro Physics 

Drew Martin

Professional RPAS Pilot/ Flight Reviewer

Transport Canada Advanced Certificate (sRPAS)

Transport Canada Flight Reviewer (sRPAS)


                                                      Perminder Bhogal


Commercial Pilot/ Instructor

RPAS Instructor

My passion for flying was first introduced on a family vacation in 2010 on a flight from St. Maarten to Nevis/St. Kitts. I noticed that there was no cockpit door and worked my way to the very front. I watched as the captain ran through his checklists, taxied to the runway, and prepared for our take-off. Engines roaring through my ears, I sat at the very edge of my seat. As he raised the nose, we were airborne, there was nothing in front of us except the endless Atlantic. This was the very moment I fell in love. Through Brampton Flight Centre I have been able to achieve the steps required to reach my goals as a pilot and flight instructor. I look forward to being a part of your journey in becoming a pilot.






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