About Us

The Brampton Flying Club is a healthy, innovative, thriving, member owned organization that inspires excellence in the products and services that we offer. Our top priority is safety and security. The core of our business is education.

Professional Training

The Brampton Flight Centre offers the most comprehensive training in the RPAS Industry. We have the capability to offer customized corporate courses as well as courses to individual start-up companies. Our instructors and flight reviewers have a vast wealth of knowledge in the RPAS industry as well as manned Aviation. Additionally, our instructors have many years of experience in photography and in the film industry as well as professional skills in business and marketing for our more advanced courses such as our professional RPAS course.

Foreign Operator Training

The Brampton Flight centre can offer foreign operators of RPAS the proper and required training to fly in Canada. We have trained film crews from as far away as Chile as well as the UK.

Affordable Training Options

We strive to keep our training packages affordable and convenient for both our Corporate Clients as well as individuals.

Student Discounts

We offer discounts to our RPAS students who take our Advanced course for the Flight review and the Flight Review Prep course as well as a free ROC-A (Aviation radio Exam).

Our Mission

Excellence in Aviation Education. The Brampton Flight Centre is owned and operated by the Brampton Flying Club. The BFC is an innovative, thriving, member-owned organization that strives for excellence in the products and services offered. Our top priority is safety and security. Our mission is aviation education. This carries on in our RPAS Programs and services

Our Vision

We are known around the world for excellence in the development and delivery of RPAS and aviation services, environmentally responsible airport planning and giving back to our community. Our extraordinary working environment attracts the best talent in the industry. We inspire a passion for the flying experience, and we enrich the lives of our members, staff, and our community by the work that we do.

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