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Our Programs include the TP15263E knowledge requirements for Advanced and Basic Operations, including the required ROC-A radio exam for Advanced Operators. Our Next Advanced Exam Prep Course Part 1 July12th&13th Part 2 July20st-21ST

All Model Aircraft fixed wing, drones and control line aircraft are now considered RPAS, and all pilots of these aircraft will now require the Transport Canada Basic Certificate(minimum) to fly their aircraft in Canada.

The Brampton Flight Centre will be offering the minimum required Basic Operations Exam Prep course to MAAC members and anyone wishing to get the TC Basic Certificate

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Advanced Exam Preparation Course


This program includes Transport Canada Exams Preparation Part I & Part 2: Study Guidebook and the Journey and Technical Logbook. included in the course as well as Online reference and study materials.

Professional Operators Course


Our sRPAS Professional program not only prepares you for the Transport Canada Advanced sRPAS exam, but also dives deeper into the post-production and operational business and marketing side of your RPAS.

Flight Review Preparation Course


This Half Day course prepares you for the Flight Review. You will have completed your Advanced exam before taking this course.

Practical RPAS Training


Learning to fly your properly RPA is critical to any operation.

Transport Canada Basic Operations Exam Prep Course

Online Coming Soon

This Course includes Preparation for the Transport Canada Basic Exam Certificate as now required for all model RC Aircraft in Canada

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